Welcome to Desired Arrangement

Desired Arrangement is an online dating site where a young ambitious lady may seek out a mature affluent dating partner, they may not be able to find in their current age bracket. It is of course also for the affluent mature man or woman seeking an attractive younger partner for a mutually beneficial relationship. In addition others are looking for a more serious dating arrangement and yes some are looking for marriage. Though the site was originally design as a sugar-daddy/sugar-baby dating site, but is open to all kinds of relationships. Be it traditional dating, friends with benefits, casual encounters or a traditional sugar-daddy/sugar-baby relationship. For those new to the sugar relationship the definition of a Sugar-Daddy from Webster's is : 

A well-to-do usually older man who supports or spends lavishly on a mistress, girlfriend, or boyfriend

Make no mistake, these are relationships, though not in the traditional sense of the word. Each party is seeking the best partner to fill their needs and desires. Everyone is seeking for something specific, this site is here to help find the right partner. The key to finding the right partner is to be straight forward in what you are, and are not looking for. No one is a mind reader, so be as clear and concise as possible in stating what you want. There are always people looking, so seek out the right person for you.

You're looking for a dating relationship

It is just a matter of finding the right person with the same interests and relationship desires. If you believe what other sites post, lots of Sugar-Daddies/Sugar-Babies relationships can turn into happily ever after, not that all are looking for that.

When creating a profile you'll have a chance to fill out what you are looking for. Be open, honest and as straight to the point as possible. This way, hopefully, you will only attract people looking for the same things as you. When someone shows interests read their profile, if they are looking for the same things great if not politely decline their request and tell them know you're not interested. Don't be offended if someone is not interested, there has to be a mutual attraction.

Everyone is looking for something specific, it is just a matter of finding the right person.

Why another dating site?

Over my years of online dating, being on most major site, there are a number of issues that really have annoyed me. Things like :

  • Outdated profiles - people who haven't signed in for years.
  • Fake profiles - some set up by the site themselves to coerce people into signing up.
  • Inaccurate profile - people in other countries stating they are in the US.
  • Inaccurate pictures - pictures from 20 years ago, or pictures of someone else.

The list can go on, but now you see "Why another dating site". There are a number of features to help eliminate these issues. The registration process require that a profile picture be sent showing your face, and preferable a full body shot. This is a dating site and people like to see whom they are speaking to. You may be asked to send a validation picture. This simply a selfie holding a paper with specific information. There will most likely never be a million profiles on the site like other sites claim to have. They fail to mention out of those 10 million member only a couple thousand have signed in in the past month.and 80-90% haven't been on the site in over a year.

Our policy is to remove/inactive profiles, profile that have not been signed into in a month or more. What good is it to message someone that isn't around. It is a guarantee, if they aren't logging in, they aren't going to respond. So why not give the site a try, you have nothing you lose, especially for the ladies

Online safety

Online dating can be a scary thing. Never give out personal data that may allow someone to learn more about you then you are ready to share. Check out the Safety Tips under the FAQ page for more online safety tips.